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New Sign Work, 806 officials Banyuwangi transferred

After enjoying the Eid vacation, as many as 806 people of East Java, Banyuwangi regency officials were given gifts in the form of mutation positions....

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10 Efficacy and Benefits Tempe

Who does not know tempe? The original Indonesian food is cheap. Tempe is the result of fermentation of soybeans with the fungus Rhizopus oligosporus....

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"Punk" a creole or cultural hybridity?

Punk that's a familiar name in Indonesia, although its existence is still limited to a handful of mob punk but now seems to have mushroomed in several cities in Indonesia....

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Ondel-ondel, Lion Dance and Dangdut in Sydney

Homeland art style was also present and can be enjoyed at one of the world's metropolis, Sydney, Australia....

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Ondel-ondel, Lion Dance and Dangdut in Sydney

Monday, September 5, 2011

timurOnline | Sydney – Homeland art style was also present and can be enjoyed at one of the world's metropolis, Sydney, Australia. Caucasian children were fighting over a photo together.

Uniquely ondel-ondel Betawi typical Sydney hypnotize children. They were also amazed to see the action jump jump Lion Dance at Darling Harbour. Ria joget dangdutan also make their bodies wiggle Caucasians with Indonesian community.

Various works of art of this country is a series of Indonesia's largest promotional event in Sydney, the Festival of Indonesia (FI) 2011. Ondel-ondel and friends specially imported from Indonesia for the event which was held in Tumbalong Park, Darling Harbour, Sydney, Saturday (3 / 9) yesterday.

For the Indonesian community in Sydney, FI is the most anticipated event. They can bersilaturahim and up to do with traditional Indonesian food. Australian society had also come to enjoy the entertainment arts and traditional music, and reminisce about Indonesia.

"FI not only promote the potential of arts and culture, tourism and economy of Indonesia. Most importantly, strengthen mutual understanding, brotherhood and friendship between Indonesia and the multicultural communities in the state of New South Wales, "said Consul General of Indonesia Sydney, Gary Joseph.

In addition to presenting tasty dishes such as pempek Palembang, sate padang and ice cendol, businesses also use FI as a promotional event. Among those participating are the Crown Group and Penta Group (field properties in Sydney), Garuda Indonesia, Pertamina lubricants and Indopages Group.

Do not miss the Australian education providers that promote institutions like the Central Queensland University (CQU), the University techonology of Sydney (UTS) Insearch and the Australian Scholarship Group.

New Sign Work, 806 officials Banyuwangi transferred

timurOnline | Banyuwangi - After enjoying the Eid vacation, as many as 806 people of East Java, Banyuwangi regency officials were given gifts in the form of mutation positions. Procession mutation, led directly Banyuwangi regent Abdullah Anas Anwar in Swagata Sabha Hall on Monday (05/09/2011).

"Those who transferred it, to adjust for changes of the regional Organization (WTO) because there are several new offices in Banyuwangi regency," said Anwar Abdullah Anas. So many are mutated, sertijab procession to be held twice. The first phase, to 397 civil servants echelon echelon II and III was inaugurated at around 09.00 am - 11.30 pm.

While the second phase, the inauguration of echelon IV 409 held at 14.00 pm. One of the officials who katut mutated, is Arif Setiawan. Head of Public Relations is sworn in as Secretary of the Department of Hygiene and Estates (DKP), doubles became executive tasks (Plt) DKP Banyuwangi.

According to Anas, the mutation is one way to normalize the bureaucracy because previously many civil servants who are not placed in accordance with his expertise. "With these mutations, Banyuwangi regency is expected to advance one step forward compared to other districts," said former House members were.

"Punk" a creole or cultural hybridity?

timurOnline - Punk that's a familiar name in Indonesia, although its existence is still limited to a handful of mob punk but now seems to have mushroomed in several cities in Indonesia. Maybe it's good when I retell the story of the birth of punk who lives in England. It is very meaningful to discuss the issues that will be delivered on the next paragraph. Formation of punk history is inseparable from the social problems that occurred in the 1980s in England, clashes between the upper class with the working class to make working-class people feel aggrieved. And as one of the disappointments of the working class who do this is to make people prkumpulan menginkan independence.
There is also conducting a bitter innuendos against the government in regard it less attention to the working class, as one of his sarcasm maybe we can see the graffiti on the walls of buildings bernadakan satire, other forms which will be a forerunner to the development of punk that is by Punk entrance into the music industry.

The existence of punk itself at that time ostracized and regarded as the dirty, it is worth wasting a word by the people, because their style of life and rightly so. Mohawk hair, smacking the side, rancung in the middle of the hair, using hair color. From the lifestyle they do not care to sleep where, and roam the city during the day even until evening.
Imaging the worst was when the discovery of new punk outbreak that became a byword in the UK at that time, the epidemic is the number of punk kids who use glue instead of beer are not bought by them. Committed their crimes as well be due to damage to their image at the time.

We can not blame them because they also have their own views in tracing his life, perhaps by doing so will make them happy. But they should also pay attention to people around who feel disturbed by the way they are urak-sloppy. A psychologist once said that humans satisfy hunger for knowledge in two ways. First, do research on the environment and regulate the research results in a rational (scientific). Second, rearrange its immediate environment with the goal of making something new (art).

In this case, punk, including the second category in the space of art. Their eccentric lifestyle, sloppy and like to do a scene very similar to the avant-grade. Where the boundaries between life and ideology, art obscured.Punk even though its existence is still slightly less accepted by other people it will always exist because punk has become a lifestyle born of thought left the workers at that time. As time goes by and berkembangnnya era, punk will always decorate.

Punk in Indonesia
It is not known exactly when the entry of punk in Indonesia, but it should be noted that the presence of media at the time it does greatly affect the introduction-introduction of the new things that come from people who master the technology of that era. Imagine if there was no media, maybe punk will shut them live in this world and we will not know the name punk.

One source wikipedia states that 'the punk community in the big cities in Indonesia like Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya, Yogyakarta, Malang and started the business records and limited distribution. They make their own record label to shade like-minded bands as well as distribute it to the market. Then the business has grown into a kind of small shops, commonly called distros.

CDs and cassettes are no longer the only merchandise. They also produce and distribute t-shirts, accessories, books and magazines, posters, as well as the services of piercing (piercing) and tattoos. All products sold are limited and the price is very affordable. Within the framework of the philosophy of punk, distro is the implementation of resistance to the consumer behavior of young devotee of Levi's, Adidas, Nike, Calvin Klein, and other foreign branded goods. "

The explanation above is very clear that the punk lifestyle has pervaded the social fabric of life in Indonesia. The role of media is very sacred, because the news is constantly updated so allow people dikita be affected. Especially if the Indonesian people themselves have the same thought of disappointment. Then the introduction of western culture (punk) not easily accepted.

But there seems filtering-filtering on certain things when punk culture into Indonesia. Culture into Indonesia to fashion a well-liked by our people.

Radiation Culture
Living in an age of globalization will facilitate the clash of cultures alien to our culture. Coupled with the internet as a medium that directly connects us with life out there. Cultural contact has an important role in influencing culture with the culture of one another. We can not escape the reality of all this, and things we must do to confront this is to prepare yourself familiar with the culture promoted by the west. Will we just accept it without any ethical considerations? Or will we merge with a foreign culture in our social life?

Flashbacks to the theory of cultural radiation (radiation cultural) that are triggered by a leading historian Arnold J Toynbee. He said that:

First, the cultural aspect was never entered as a whole but partially in accordance with a layer of its aspects. An example of Western culture when the split will have the aspect of the outermost layer aspects of technology, art, ethics and religion.

Second, through the power of an aspect of culture is inversely proportional to the value of culture. Outer aspect of the culture of technology has the lowest value while the innermost layer of the religion has the highest cultural value.
New technologies will be easily accepted by a society but a new religion would be very difficult to accept. This is because the technology as an outer layer that has a cultural value has the lowest value of the highest practical utility.
A society when it receives a new culture will sort out the cultural aspects so that they can filter where the values ​​which the outer and inner values​​.
Thus India and Japan. They accept Western technology but not let go of religion as well as technology.

Third, an aspect of culture will open the door for the inclusion of cultural aspects of the deeper layers. The entry form of television technology has opened up its entrance on the public art aspect. Pop culture of the West that is on the second outer layer (of art) go through the tv and radio technology.

Fourth, the cultural aspects that are not dangerous in a society can be dangerous to other people accept that culture. Toynbee gives an example of nationalism.
Nationalism as an ideology emerging in the Europe of the 19th century as a result of the growth state of national states that proceeds from the 17th century, when the entrance to the East, especially the Middle East into something dangerous because nationalism has divided the Arab world.

Until now no country can be united Arab state be one key area of ​​the failure of peace efforts because of the nationalism that was split. Which is the historical evolution of nationalism in the West has become dangerous when it entered the Middle East. From the arguments above, I understand it as a 'complement and assist' in the process of entry of foreign culture into Indonesia. The existence of the outermost layer of the dikatakanna Toynbee as the technology seems to be the most important gate in the introduction of intensive culture. Although it is outside the culture of the lowest but the role technology now occupies the highest level since its role is indispensable to control the market needs and the masses.

The entry into the punk culture of Indonesia is experiencing filtering on certain things, and become a commodity will pasa but many negative things that can not terlelakan when entry into the punk culture of Indonesia. Just as stated in the proposition to four of Toynbee, he said that the cultural aspects that are not dangerous in a society can be dangerous to other people accept that culture.

In this case the punk into a culture we are talking about. Punk culture in the area west has become a form of style and ideology, because the social circumstances that makes them to always excite her disappointment. Over time, punk had become a commodity market. Likewise, when entering Indonesia. But there is no question as whether it fits with our social order that puts manners, civilized and behave well? If our society is really comfortable with the life of punk, then I say it as kreolisasi culture. Because they disregard their own culture than the culture of the newly introduced by foreigners. And if everything does happen in Indonesia, then it needs to be followed up because if left alone then maybe we will just wait for time to local culture eliminated.

Now this city of my own (second), more punk style was skyrocketed, from people familiar with the city until the settlement of punk. They dress like strangers, because they want to deliberately make it look like other kids his punk. What I found is not much different from the history of punk itself, it is true they were sloppy because it is always annoying the people around, he had them use glue instead of beer and so on. What distinguishes it is that punk may not bring a guitar overseas small / large if diIndonesia used for singing. And whether it is a hybridity for us?

Am I wrong to call this phenomenon as an error? They are supposed to learn, play and preserve their own culture without having to rush to like strangers. Well maybe of you think that I was too subjective in writing about punk, but I ask for you guys. Is entry into Indonesia punk culture is an aesthetic standard of hybridity or decrease? Or it is so contrary to the social fabric of our lives? Or maybe if I say that it is not a problem because they regard it as a style and ideoligi search them?

Parlement: Do not Take Toddlers to Market

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

timurOnline - Member of Provincial Lampung Parlement, Nenden Tresnanursari, appealed to parents not to bring children aged under five years old (toddlers) to the market ahead of the Idul Fitri 2011. "Suffice it to experience a few days ago a toddler died in the arms of his mother in the crowd the market," he said, in Bandar Lampung, on Wednesday.

She said parents should be more careful to take the kids, especially toddlers at the center of the crowd. "I'm sorry to hear this news, how parents can fail to bring babies in the market in crowded conditions, especially ahead of the Eid," he said.

He wished everyone tuakhususnya mothers, in conditions of all people came berfikiran market, you should go to the market only as needed. "Buy only the items required, do not overdo it, let alone purchase the actual widths can be anticipated in advance," said Nenden. A few days ago, a toddler died didekapan mothers who are in the market crowd. Windi one street vendor in Pasar Bambu Kuning, Bandar Lampung, said the toddler was when it was digendongan breastfeeding mother in a sling covered conditions.

"This market is definitely crowded visitors ahead of Eid, the mother was on the floor under the conditions were so crowded, let alone small children, we adults can only find it difficult to breathe," he said. Moreover, Windi, adding the child's feeding time in a closed condition of the head. The mother realized after his son is not a lot of motion and no longer crying. "Once opened, it turns out that toddlers are in a state of pale, fainted as his mother knows her son is not dead anymore," said.

Since the incident, according to Windi, hoping the mothers who shop in order not to bring babies into the market was crowded. "Kasian children, mean heart would buy clothes Eid, instead of lives lost," said Windi

5 Easy Steps to Reduce Cell Phone Radiation

timurOnline - Becoming more and more people are choosing to use mobile phones than PSTN. Maybe now that pulses are cheaper than mobile telephone PSTN. There is still debate among many cell phone use can increase the radiation, others argue there is no correlation between cell phone radiation with your health.

As a study published by the Journal of the American Medical Association that electromagnetic signals can be cell phones increase brain activity. Then how do I prevent or reduce it? Here's how:

1. Use Wired Headsets
This is the easiest way to avoid radiation. The handset away from the head, so radiation were far from head.

2. Familiarize SMS
Most young people like the 4L4Y (read: alay) is certainly often to SMS. The letters were carved so that they do not read easily by others, but adds eye minus guaranteed.

3. Do not Use Cell Phone For Alarm
If you use the phone as an alarm, you've got to put the phone beside his head. Radiation is emitted even if the phone is in a state of silence. Imagine how many hours you are attacked radiation until the time I wake up.

4. Do not Take the phone in the pouch
Not only the brain cancer that doctors feared, but based on previous research explains that the men who carry mobile phones both in the pouch at his waist and has a risk of infertility. As for women who often put his cell phone in a pocket above (front BH), can increase the risk of breast cancer. So if you're not in use, just place the phone on the table. Just as a precaution.

5. Use Gloves Anti-Radiation
Immediately look for the anti-radiation mobile phone holster, the price is quite expensive but worth it for the sake of avoiding cancer. Have you done everything?

U-23 national team creamed Bali Devata 4-2

Surabaya | timurOnline - Indonesia U-23 national team finally settled on the match Devata Bali resistance test with a score of 4-2 landslide. Two additional goals of fruit annak Rahmat Darmawan not separated composition strategy better players in the first round of last appeal.

Sign the second half, coach Rahmat Darmawan include six new players in his team. It is the sixth player, goalkeeper Thomas Bayu Fery, Abdurrahman, Kim Kurniawan, Patrick Wanggai, Ramdhani Lestaluhu and midfielder Mahadirga Lasut. While the camp Bali Devata, they inserted two new players, Asep and Nyoman Tri Wahono Armawan.

Changes in the composition of a player slightly affect the pattern of the game foster children Rahmat Darmawan. The presence of Kim Kurniawan and Mahadirga create more vibrant national team midfield. As far as 15 minutes early second-half run, the game excels above Indonesia Petar Segrt farm team.

Special credit should be given to two newly naturalized players, Diego and Ruben Wuarbanaran Michiels. Until the beginning of the second half, they played quite well. Both players are finally drawn the 65th minute and was replaced Hashim Kipuw and Joko Sasongko.

Rahmad also know less toothed front lines. He also put Yongki Aribowo to replace the barren Jajang Mulyana for playing 65 minutes. The results were very positive, Indonesia widens the position to 3-1 with a goal after the use of bait Ramdhani Lestaluhu Yongki the 71st minute.

Very striking difference in the appearance of U-23 national team in the second half with a player who fell in the first half ago. Indonesia aggressive in the attack. They also dare to fight with players Devata Bali which is famous for the rigors of the game.

Entering the final match, Indonesia scored again four. This time shift Yongki which listed his name on the scoreboard. Receive horizontal feed Ramdhani, flick Yongki not dammed substitute goalkeeper, Yoga Eka Putra.

At the end of the match, Bali reduce the score to 4-2 through a penalty Illia Spasojevic.

The Government not Concern, Lumajang Kencak Horse Artists Circle Shape

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Lumajang | timurOnline - A total of 70 arts groups form a community of horse kencak Lumajang warusan to preserve national culture that was almost extinct due to scour of modern art. Horse kencak Lumajang been well known since colonial times. "The horse culture of adi Kencak is noble to be preserved," said Horse Advisory Circle Kencak, Abdullah Al-Holy A'ak.

He said the Horse Kencak as genuine traditional art Lumajang existence is little known society, not as art Reog Ponorogo, Balinese Kecak Dance, Dance Samman from Aceh, Madura Kerapan Cow, and other well known national and international communities.

"We want to restore the Kecak Typical Horse Lumajang formerly prevailed, because the pioneering people here," he said.

The artists in Lumajang Kencak Horses are not aware of the terms of artistic, art Kencak horse has its own uniqueness and distinctiveness that are not found in other areas. Ironically Lumajang own community is still considered low appreciation for this type of art.

"In addition to artists who are less concerned, the government is letting stakeholders, not done coaching," said A'ak, pemehati the environment and the arts in this Lumajang.

Circle of Friends was formed in Lumajang Kencak Horse Hall Hotel Ranu Klakah Tegal Randu Village, District Klakah, Saturday (08/13/2011) yesterday. From the gathering of artists selected last Kencak Horse stewardship as follows: Chairman entrusted to Adi, Vice Chairman Ahmad Jufri, Rudi Hartono Secretary, and Treasurer Sutik.

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